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Causes of Temporary Hair Loss

By: Jody Ehrhardt - Updated: 21 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Hair Loss Temporary Causes Of Hair Loss

Although many people think of hair loss as a permanent condition, there are actually many temporary causes of hair loss. However, just because the hair loss is temporary doesn't mean you shouldn't take action to increase the health of your hair. By understanding the temporary causes of hair loss, you can reduce the occurrence of these conditions and help ensure healthy hair re-growth once the condition has passed.

Medical Causes

Medical conditions that can cause temporary hair loss include diabetes, thyroid conditions, high fevers, Alopecia and infection. Treatments that can lead to temporary hair loss include Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Medications that can lead to temporary hair loss include birth control pills, hormone replacement therapies and certain drugs prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure, arthritis, gout and depression.

While you are suffering from any of these conditions, receiving treatments for these certain conditions or starting any of the listed medications, you can take steps to protect the health of your hair. Following a Healthy Diet and using hair grooming techniques can help to promote hair growth and reduce the occurrence of temporary hair loss. You can also Talk To Your Doctor about additional ways to protect your hair while undergoing treatment.

Diet and Poor Nutrition

Poor diet is a common cause of temporary hair loss. In order for a hair follicle to produce healthy hair it needs the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. When your diet lacks certain nutrients, such as iron, protein or the vitamin B-12, your hair follicles are unable to operate in optimal condition. Under these conditions new hair growth is weakened, slowed, or halted all together. Poor diet can also lead to excess shedding, hair strand breakage and weak connection of the hair strand at the root.

In order to avoid this temporary hair loss condition it is necessary that you eat a diet full of raw fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. For an added boost to the health of your hair you can also take a multi-vitamin.

Improper Hair Care

Of all of the causes of temporary hair loss, improper hair care is the most common and the most avoidable. Regular hair care techniques, such as aggressive brushing, over-styling, and the application of heat are repeated almost daily in the search for beautiful hair and hair styling. However, the same techniques that give you gorgeous hair for the day can also lead to temporary hair loss.

Aggressive brushing or combing, especially when used on wet or damp hair, can lead to hair strand breakage or weakening. This technique can also cause otherwise healthy hair to be pulled out at the root. Avoid unnecessary hair loss by brushing with gentle strokes, avoiding the brushing of wet hair, and by choosing a brush with soft bristles or a wide-toothed comb.

Although hair dyes, permanent curls, highlights and other chemical treatments can help you hair look beautiful in the short-term, these styling techniques can cause Permanent Hair Damage that can lead to temporary hair loss. It is best to avoid these procedures all together if you are looking to avoid temporary hair loss. However, if you must use these techniques use them sparingly. You can also reduce the risk of hair damage by having these treatments performed by a professional stylist and by taking extra good care of your hair in-between treatments.

Avoid Heat

Finally, you can avoid temporary hair loss caused by styling by skipping the application of heat. Curling irons, blow dryers and hair straighteners all expose your hair strands to high temperatures. These high temperatures can weaken hair strands and lead to excessive shedding and hair loss. To achieve the same style without the risk of damage use hair curlers instead of curling irons for curls, use cold heat if using a blow dryer, and only straighten hair on the lowest possible temperature setting.

Temporary hair loss can be frustrating and embarrassing. However, by understanding the causes of this hair loss and taking steps to protect the health of your hair, you can reduce the severity of temporary hair loss until the cause is eliminated.

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