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Caring for Oily Hair

By: Jennie Kermode - Updated: 18 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Oily Hair Care Shampoo Conditioner

Often guidance on how to deal with hair loss looks at the problems that can occur as hair dries out due to age or illness. Oily hair is generally healthier, but it can have problems of its own. Being aware of these and knowing how to care for oily hair properly can help you avoid some of the Major Causes Of Hair Loss. If properly looked after, oily hair can look great well into old age.

Oily Hair and Hair Loss Risks

Aside from inherited and Stress-Triggered Conditions, there are two principal types of hair loss problem that affect people with naturally oily hair. These are damaged caused by excessive or inappropriate hair care, and infections of the Scalp. Because oily-haired people need to wash their hair more frequently to prevent scalp infections, it's important to find the right balance.

If a scalp infection manages to get established, it can be harder for an oily-haired person to get rid of. This is because the natural oils produced by the scalp provide food for many infectious agents and they can also provide shelter, helping to protect them from some types of treatment. So it's important to pay close attention to the scalp and catch infections early. Infections that last for longer are more likely to cause Permanent Hair Loss.

Oily Hair in Youth

Every human body produces more natural oil in youth, which means that young people with naturally oily hair often find that it can easily start looking greasy. The plus side is that this means it is likely to look better in later life, but this can feel like small consolation. It's particularly important to have good scalp care at this stage in life, which means regular washing with a suitable shampoo.

Because excess oil on the scalp can suffocate the skin, it's advisable to avoid wearing hats, hoods or headscarfs, even if you might be tempted to hide your hair. If you must wear one, make sure it's light and breathable.

Oily Hair in Later Life

As you get older your scalp will gradually produce less oil, so many aspects of caring for your hair should become easier. Everybody's hair becomes thinner with age, however, and this can present problems or its own. It's harder to style oily hair so as to disguise thinness and bald patches. If you have straight hair, one solution is to get it permed to give it more body. Oily hair copes well with this and should remain healthy.

If you want to dye your hair to hide greyness, you may find this difficult because your natural oils bind to the same sites on the hair that dyes normally use. You may have to use a stronger shampoo or leave your shampoo in place for longer before dying in order to dry it out sufficiently. Try to pick a neutral colour that won't show your roots too badly so that you can avoid having to do this too often.

Caring for Oily Hair

Oily hair needs to be washed more often than other hair types but, unless you have been advised to do so for medical reasons, you should avoid washing it more than once per day. Although it's important to keep oil levels down, too much washing can still damage the hair.

More effective that washing frequently is making sure that you use the right shampoo. If you prefer natural shampoos, citrus-based ones are most effective; otherwise choose a brand designed for oily hair. Don't rub the hair itself aggressively. Ordinary washing will clean it quite effectively if you concentrate on the roots. Massage your shampoo firmly into your scalp and leave it for five minutes before rinsing.

Even if your hair is oily it's important to use a conditioner to keep it healthy and to relax it after shampooing. Conditioners specially designed for oily hair won't make it feel greasy. Finger comb them gently through the length of your hair and avoid rubbing them into the scalp, then rinse. Once your hair is dry comb it through from the roots to distribute those natural oils in a healthy way.

Oily hair can seem like a lot of trouble but if well looked after it has a shine that no artificial treatment can beat. Enjoy your hair and the youthful appearance it can give you.

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